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Foot Pumice Stone Natural Volcanic Origin
Foot Pumice Stone Natural Volcanic Origin

Foot Pumice Stone Natural Volcanic Origin

Size: 9.5*5.5*2.5cm

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TamrHenna Foot Pumice Stone: Lightweight, Sustainable, and Tough on Dead Skin! Our Pumice Stone is more than just a rock; it's a lightweight gem from volcanoes, crafted with you and the planet in mind from the perfect blend of lava and water. Tough on dead skin, and friendly to the environment—making it your go-to choose for a delightful and sustainable foot care experience.

With strong wear resistance, a hand-in-hand design, and a round, smooth texture, it boasts an easy-to-hold structure. Additionally, it features tiny holes ensuring gentle yet highly effective exfoliation

Ideal for removing dead skin cells and gently massaging rough spots, it leaves your feet feeling silky-smooth for soft, happy feet.

Ensure your pumice stone and water are clean. Soak your feet in warm, soapy water with a few drops of natural oil. Wet the pumice stone too—never use it dry; it's best when wet. After soaking, pat your feet dry and gently massage the wet pumice stone in circles on rough spots like heels and toes. Rinse and repeat for silky-smooth results. Moisturize with Shea Butter or oil for a luxe finish. Don't forget to rinse the pumice stone after each use. Treat yourself to a new pumice stone if it becomes too small or smooth. Revel in soft, happy feet!