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Body Scrub

Similarly to your face, your body requires exfoliation to maintain its smooth, soft and healthy appearance. Experience our body scrub that will gently cleanse, polish, and perfume your skin.


Benefits of Body Scrub

Interested in adding body scrubs to your skincare routine but unsure if you should?  We've compiled a few benefits of using natural body scrubs and what they do for your skin.

1.      Removing dead skin cells

To remove dead skin cells, exfoliating is necessary. As dead skin can look dry and dull, exfoliating also improves the skin's appearance.


2.      Moisturizing Effects

Body scrubs open clogged pores on the skin. After scrubbing, it makes it easier for moisturizers to penetrate your skin.


3.      Rebirth of the skin

As a result of body scrubs removing dirt and dead skin cells, your skin will feel softer and more vibrant. This is especially important for elbows and heels.