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Hand Creams

The very nature of antibacterial soaps consequently removes our skin's natural oils resulting in drier, cracked skin that is uncomfortable to touch. Discover our hand creams that restore the skin's natural oils and prevent any further dehydration.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hands 

Your hands serve as a bridge between you and the outside world. You use your hands to express your affection to those you love. The hands you use all the time are constantly exposed, so they require a lot of care.


Wash Properly with Care

Keeping your hands clean is the best way to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading. However, hot or cold water can remove your natural oils. So, wash your hands with a gentle soap at a lukewarm temperature.


Moisturize Regularly

Dry hands can be prevented or treated with good moisturizers. Moisturizing the outer layer of your skin makes it smoother and softer, as well as protects it. Use hand creams rich in natural ingredients and essential oils to keep your hands hydrated and moisturized.


Wear Gloves

When dealing with harsh cleaning products, always wear gloves. Even if you are careful about the soap you use, you may still be exposed to household cleaners. When cleaning heavy items, rubber gloves come in handy. Before putting rubber gloves on, wear an inexpensive pair of cotton gloves first to prevent sweating and itching. 


Choose a Gentle Sanitizer

Make sure the sanitizer you choose kills germs yet is gentle enough. If you have sensitive skin, avoid sanitizers that contain synthetic perfume. And it is recommended to use a hand cream after using a hand sanitizer to keep your hands soft and moisturized.